Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just Like Mom

Baby Addi loves her blankie! Ever since I was little I had to have my blankie by my face when i took a nap, and I still do. Its so funny because Addilyn likes it too.
I am counting down the days till we go to Canada. It has been a pain getting ready and making sure we have all the passports done. Starting January 1st you have to have a passport to drive from the states to Canada. Since we are planning on coming home the second week in January we all have to have passports to get back in the states. I cannot believe how expensive the passports are!!! Oh well, my husband is from there and we plan on visiting alot so I guess we would have to have them anyways.


Sherelle said...

We're really going to miss you! I hope you have fun! Take lots of pics of Adi!

Heidi said...

Why do passports have to be so expensive!? haha.. we got Kylee on a few years back, and then we got Makenzie and Zadi one this last summer, so we all have them now too. Did you know they actually extended the dates a while back, so now you have till at least summer of 08 to have to have passports for land travel, but you need then for air.

Addilyn is getting so big! She is too cute. Hope you guys have a safe trip to Canada and have lots of fun! I'm glad you started a blog, it's fun! :)