Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 99th Birthday to a Great Great Grandma!!!

I cant believe that my great grandma is 99 today! She has been such a special person in my life. I grew up right next store to her, and not only was she my grandma but a special friend too. I hold so many memories with her and of her. I will always remember going to her home after school to have a snack and look at pictures. Grandma taught me how to be polite and helpful around the home. She is such a sweetheart. I hope that she will make it to 100 years!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was tagged by Sherelle

What is his name? Sheldon Joseph Stanford
How long have you been married? almost 2 years
Who long did you date? 1 year
How old is he? 24 almost 25
Who eats more sweets? Me.... for sure! He hates chocolate!
Who said I love you first? He did
Who is taller? um.... we are pretty much the same
Who can sing better? none of us :)
Who is smarter? thats a given.......... Sheldon for sure!
Who does the laundry? both of us
Who pays the bills? me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
Who mows the lawn? hahaha he mows the whole apartment complex
Who cooks dinner? me, unless is BBQ
Who drives? he does
Who is more stubborn? me for sure...... he is way to patient
Who kissed who first? um........ mutual
Who asked who out first? I did......... because I had no other person to ask and my roomates made me.
Who proposed? he did in a snow storm
Who has more siblings? he has 7, I have 2
Who wears the pants? him
I tag Bonnie, Holly, Heidi, and Kevyn

Monday, January 28, 2008

A special person on my mind

When I first heard the new about President Hinkley I was sure that it was a roomer. But after looking at a few of utahs new channels I found it to be true. Sherelle and I were talking this morning about what a neat man he was. Not only was he our phrophet, but he felt like a friend even though we did not personally know him. It was so easy to trust him, because of the spirit he brought to the room when he spoke. He had a special way about him that he conveyed to the whole world. He never acted too intelligent or to molly too those he spoke to. He had a special way of answering religious questions to those of other faiths. I believe that he did truly love us all. I dont think this is a time to morn, he lived a great life, and he is now with his wife. He has been a great example of the truth to me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We just got back from a really good concert! Their name is Leahy and they are 8 amazingly talented brothers and sisters from Canada. They play all kinds of instruments, but our favorite being the fiddle. Their music just makes you wanna get up and dance. Thanks Sherelle, Grace, Mom, and Shelby for a fun night!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Addi loves to play!

It is so fun watching Addilyn grow! She resently has become a busy bee always wanting to play and eat with everything she can get her hands on. She will sit in her exersaucer until she falls asleep, or chew on duck duck until he is soaking wet. It is so fun to see her develope and get interested in toys. We love her so much!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Holidays in Canada

We decided to go to Sheldons home in Canada this Christmas. It had been over a year since we visited, and we wanted to meet the new cousins. We had so much fun and ate way to much. We did so many things including visiting, rock climbing, laser tag, shopping, eating, snowboarding, going to the farm, hunting, going to church, and seeing exteneded family. We cant wait to go back there again soon. Here is some photos of our trip! Cousins or twins???
Brothers with their babies.

Grandpa and Declan on his blessing day.

Grandpa says the funniest things to her!!!
Addilyn sure likes her grandma!
Sheldon in front of the stable at the farm. Every time the family visits they get their picture taken in front of it.

Sheldon at the farm remembering his 4H days.

Grandma would hold addilyn while she would play the piano and soon addi started pounding on the keys. She even would look at the music. So dang cute.
Sheldon ready to go!!! Grandpa Dwight rock climbing!!!! Me and My girl ready to go to church!
Grandma Gail and Addilyn ready for church
Babies first Christmas!
Addi and Declan were just too tired for all the excitement.
My adorable nephew Declan taking a nap in his car seat.
Graham, Sheldon, Kyle and Dwight talking about starting a new buisness.
Cousins Brennan and Rylan in their handsome new Gymboree jammies.Daddy helping Addilyn look through her stocking.
Addi slept on the couch while we all opened our presents. Im sure it will be funner for her next year.
Addilyn got to meet her great grandma Jeanna Stanford who is in a nursing home. She is 93!!!