Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Holidays in Canada

We decided to go to Sheldons home in Canada this Christmas. It had been over a year since we visited, and we wanted to meet the new cousins. We had so much fun and ate way to much. We did so many things including visiting, rock climbing, laser tag, shopping, eating, snowboarding, going to the farm, hunting, going to church, and seeing exteneded family. We cant wait to go back there again soon. Here is some photos of our trip! Cousins or twins???
Brothers with their babies.

Grandpa and Declan on his blessing day.

Grandpa says the funniest things to her!!!
Addilyn sure likes her grandma!
Sheldon in front of the stable at the farm. Every time the family visits they get their picture taken in front of it.

Sheldon at the farm remembering his 4H days.

Grandma would hold addilyn while she would play the piano and soon addi started pounding on the keys. She even would look at the music. So dang cute.
Sheldon ready to go!!! Grandpa Dwight rock climbing!!!! Me and My girl ready to go to church!
Grandma Gail and Addilyn ready for church
Babies first Christmas!
Addi and Declan were just too tired for all the excitement.
My adorable nephew Declan taking a nap in his car seat.
Graham, Sheldon, Kyle and Dwight talking about starting a new buisness.
Cousins Brennan and Rylan in their handsome new Gymboree jammies.Daddy helping Addilyn look through her stocking.
Addi slept on the couch while we all opened our presents. Im sure it will be funner for her next year.
Addilyn got to meet her great grandma Jeanna Stanford who is in a nursing home. She is 93!!!


Sherelle said...

So cute Tawsha! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Heidi said...

Hey, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!

Our little family said...

Oh Tawsha I missed hanging out with you while you were here! I wish we could have gotten together. Its sad how far away you guys live. I wanted to thank you SO much for the cream that you gave us! Noah's face cleared right up! It was incredible. My sister used it on her little foster daughters face too and she fell in love with how well it worked. We are hopefully coming down to Utah at the end of Feb. to visit some family and we are planning on getting some more then. By the way.. Addy is Gorgeous!

Kevyn said...

Sorry - that was my comment before... technical difficulties