Monday, January 28, 2008

A special person on my mind

When I first heard the new about President Hinkley I was sure that it was a roomer. But after looking at a few of utahs new channels I found it to be true. Sherelle and I were talking this morning about what a neat man he was. Not only was he our phrophet, but he felt like a friend even though we did not personally know him. It was so easy to trust him, because of the spirit he brought to the room when he spoke. He had a special way about him that he conveyed to the whole world. He never acted too intelligent or to molly too those he spoke to. He had a special way of answering religious questions to those of other faiths. I believe that he did truly love us all. I dont think this is a time to morn, he lived a great life, and he is now with his wife. He has been a great example of the truth to me.

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