Saturday, July 5, 2008


These last few weeks have been so stressful and they are about to get even more stressful. Sheldon and I are strongly considering moving back to Canada. I LOVE Canada and all of our family there but I am going to miss my family and being an American. I remeber the first time I went to Canada Sheldon told me that we would have to get on dog sleds at the border. Little did I know that the part of Canada he is from is just like the states. Im so excited that Sheldon is graduting and I am so proud. I cant wait to start our new life together and say Eh all the time.


Kevyn said...

Umm okay, can I just say.. YEAH!! I know it will be tough, but Im thinking a little more on the selfish side as we will get to hang out and do all the fun Mommy stuff! :) Congrats to Sheldon!

Gary and Emily Stanford said...

Hah! as if you don't say "eh" already. You are so ready for Canada. we'll miss you though, even if it is only for a year.