Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Our lives have been blessed by 3 great fathers!

The father of my children and my best friend- Sheldon is a wonderful father. His kids love him and love to be spoiled by him everyday. His family always comes first and he makes sure that they are well taken care of before he even thinks about himself. He likes to have fun and enjoy the outdoors with his family. I love Sheldon more then I could ever imagine and my kids think the world of him. Love ya babe!

My Father- taught me the importnance of saftey and hard work. I find myself using the lesson that he taught me on a daily basis. He is kind and understanding and loves my kids as much as I do.

Sheldon's Father- Gentle and funny! When he talks to his grandchildren it is so cute. I am so greatful for the example that he has been to Sheldon and I know that Sheldon is a good father because Dwight was and is a good father to him.

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