Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting back in the blogging mood!

When we moved into our new house Addilyn got her own room with a big girl bed. Isnt it so cute! Sheldon or "World Traveler" as we call him, went to Germany back in November to his company factory. I was amazed with the pictures that he brought back and thought that I would share some. He is going back there next month and is really excited to visit there again.


Hobley's said...

cute girl's room!! glad i found your blog! your girls are darling!

Bonnie Young said...

Super cute room Tawsha. Wow Germany, did Sheldon ever think that this is what he'd be doing when he graduated? Sounds like you guys are doing awesome!

Camryn said...

Tawsha, I miss you so much! Addi's room is SUPER cute! I am jealous! I miss you and your family so much!