Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ive been a bad blogger

Wow is it just me or has time flew that last few months? Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approching. Addilyn is 13 months old and changing so much everyday.

Here are some of her favorites:

Words to say-
Whats this

Things to do-
Go to the zoo
Ride her pony
Climb the stairs
Pat my belly when I ask wheres the baby
BATH (hours if I let her)
Point out things when we are riding in the car (everthing is a dog)
Climb on to the love sac and sit till mommy laughs at her
Play in her toy bin
Watch out the window for daddy
Play with her friends at Church
Help with the Laundry
Sing Ba-Ba-Black-Sheep
Read books

Oh I just love being a mom. She is so fun and is getting so smart. I feel like the things that I have been working on with her are starting to pay off. She is getting really good at signing too. She can sign milk, hungry, and mommy. I had some recommendation from people to teach her some basic sign language and I am so happy with it because she can tell me what she wants instead of getting fustrated. I would totally reccomend it to everyone.


Gina said...

I can't believe how old she is getting! She is so cute! I remember when you had just come home from the hospital, oh how long ago that was. I love being a stay at home mom too. I think it makes time go by so much faster because I can't believe that Thanksgiving is in two weeks! aaahh. I wish I lived in Boise near you, I love that area!

shelby said...

aww i miss her sooooo much we are going to hawaii in 11 days and when we come back we are going to come see you guys again!!!!
<3 Shelby Rae

p.s whats this? da!

Nick, Kaycee, Mea said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. What a sweetie! Hope all is well with you and your little family. We miss you guys!