Monday, March 23, 2009

We Are Not Moving!!!

When we originally moved here our plans were not very set and we didn’t think that we would stay here very long. But with things going so well with Sheldon’s job and with us getting comfy with our place we have decided to stay where we are. We have had a ton of people asking us if we are moving, but the answer is NO, we are here to stay.

I am entering my 37th week of pregnancy and let me tell you I am so ready for this baby to come. I’m feeling so good she probably will stay in there till we make her come out.

My family came to visit this last weekend and we had soooooooooo much fun. It was so nice to have them all here. We went shopping, ate a lot of good food, watched Twilight, and just hung out. I miss not having them close by and I was really sad when they all left. Hope they come visit me again soon or I can go visit them once this little baby comes.


Taylor and Heidi Moore said...

Thanks for clarifying that rumor:). Pregnancy just gets more and more fun...

Stephen and Kendra said...

Hip Hip Horray! Who likes to move anyways? Glad you are staying and yes we do need to get together soon. Whenever you want to come over, just let me know. So far I am free for the rest of this week so if you want to make those wrap skirts, let me know.